Surprising My Husband in Alicante

I decided to surprise my husband when he had to go to Spain for a few weeks. I was originally going to go with him, but we decided that it would be too long to be away from our daughter, who was nearly a year old. She had a few doctor appointments that we did not want to reschedule, so I stayed home with her. After her appointments, we still had nearly two weeks before he was due home, and I was missing him something awful. I looked up websites for the airport as well as Mytaxialicante, which is a taxi service.

I wanted to make sure that I would have a ride to the hotel from the airport. Continue reading


Educational Toys – Let Children Learn While They Are Having Fun

Here is one of many articles that The Creativity Institute has reviewed and reprinted on nurturing creativity in children and on educational toys. Infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school age children can all benefit from the right educational toys at the right ages, to help them learn that creative choices are good choices.

Educational Toys – Let Children Learn While They Are Having Fun
by: Bill Bradley

In today’s fast pace modern world, few parents manage to spend enough quality time with their children resulting in deprivation of some vital stimulation. This caused a lot of children to strive with learning problems at school. Most of these learning problems can be traced back to inadequate learning experiences during their infant, toddler and preschool years.

Everyone loves to play and children are no exception. Luckily Mother Nature cautiously planned it, so that children may learn vital skills by playing. Play is the most vital child activity, where learning actually occurs although unknowingly every time a child plays. However a parent must regulate the play so that it remains on an educational path. This is where educational toys, games and other activities come in.

During the last few years, parents started getting more interested in choosing smart toys for their children. These toys encourage the children to learn specific skills through a fun and enjoyable way, playing. The key lies in knowing which skill your child lacks that causes a particular learning or development problem.

Educational toys are specially designed to teach specific learning activities that children needs at various ages. Since children generally love to play, especially with kids toys, they receive lots of right stimulation at the right time.

There are also kids toys that are not educational for children and must be avoided. For instance toy guns and other such toys that tend to depict violence and other unpleasant behaviors and must. Although these toys may be a good quite enjoyable for youngsters, on the long term they will only causes harm.

Toys are one of the first things a child gets into contact with. Understanding how things work is the direct answer of solving problems that comes with choosing toys. Toys assist children in learning how to grab, pull, push, and synchronize the movement of the head with that of the hand.

Toys are essential when playing, and playing with a wide range of learning toys helps children to develop their imagination. It taught them to understand that different objects have different properties and to learn how to combine them to create other interesting objects.

Although parents can perform the stimulation job better, it would mean that the parent must personally spend countless hours during their child’s formative years to give all of these stimulation and learning experiences. In turn that would mean that the parents have to sacrifice their other responsibilities and obligations. But with when the parents take the time to choose the appropriate learning toys they could serve as a buffer. During the absence of parents, smart toys could be used as substitutes so the child does not have to miss out on important stimulation that may cause them to under perform in school.

About The Author

Bill Bradley

Educational toys are a great way to stimulate a young mind and build self confidence while having fun. 


What Food To Choose?

From sit-down dinners to al fresco picnics, the decision is yours!

London Golf Club Snacks

There is no right menu for a wedding meal. You can have anything you like from a light breakfast to an elaborate dinner. After initial discussions and a briefing from you, a good wedding caterer will suggest sample menus and help you with your decision. In the meantime, here are a few ideas to get you thinking!

Formal food

A formal, sit-down dinner is the most traditional reception fare, but it can also be the most expensive. As well as organising table settings for all your guests, you are likely to serve them three courses, along with coffee and wedding cake, and of course wine and champagne! Along with a well-planned menu, a sit-down dinner requires a number of waiting staff.

Of course there are many benefits of sitting down to a lovely dinner. First, all your guests will have a set place to sit, so people who don’t know many others won’t feel left out. And, if you’re having a large number of guests, a sit-down, silver service dinner can be significantly less chaotic than a buffet.

The fork buffet

Somewhere in between a formal, silver-service dinner, and a finger buffet is a fork buffet. This basically allows guests to help themselves to a variety of hot and/or cold food from a buffet, and then sit at a formal table setting to eat. It’s a great idea – allowing guests to have more of a decision in what they eat, but still retaining the formality of beautifully set tables and a seating plan.

Instead of a single buffet area, how about having various ‘food stalls’? Each of these could serve a different course, or a different type of food. If you’re a fan of Pan Asian food, for example, you might have an Indian food stall, a Japanese food stall, a Thai food stall…

The finger buffet

With a finger buffet, guests don’t require cutlery and are free to mingle and eat at the same time. The food might include things like tasty canapés, delicate sandwiches, individual pastries and dips. This is a less expensive option, but there are certain things to consider. If you are having a relatively long day, it’s not ideal to expect people to stand for the duration. Some people, especially more elderly guests, will want to sit while they eat, regardless of whether the food requires cutlery or not. A well-organised reception with a finger buffet should still offer some seating around tables for those who wish to rest their legs!

A slightly more glamorous way of wording this type of reception is to call it a cocktail and canapé party! If you do choose to serve only delicious canapés, make sure you have excellent caterers who pride themselves in stylish presentation and tasty bites, and that you serve a substantial amount of food.

Eating alternatives

There’s really nothing to stop you serving whatever you like – it’s your wedding after all. Barbecues, picnics, afternoon tea and brunch are all great for weddings.

Whatever menu you choose, there are certain things that must always be taken into consideration. Firstly, your guests. If you’re inviting a lot of children or elderly guests, it’s probably not the time to experiment with a spicy Thai menu. You should always ask guests to let you know of any dietary requirements, from vegetarian to nut allergies, and be sure to cater for them.

Cooking counts

The most important thing? How something is cooked is significantly more important than your choice of menu. Choose a caterer you trust to create a beautifully cooked menu – even if you stick to pasta and salad.


How to Cope with a Bridezilla

The term “bridezilla” is thrown around too often, and it’s often branded to women who don’t even deserve the name. But they do exist. And if you’re a bridesmaid who’s unlucky enough to be caught in Hurricane Bridezilla, here are 8 tips on how to cope.

How to Cope with a Bridezilla | Confetti.co.uk

Let Her Know

Wedding planning is a stressful time for many brides, and stress can make people behave in ways they normally wouldn’t. If your bride strays toward the bridezilla territory, let her know; she may not even realise that she’s turning nasty.

Be Calm and Patient

Though sometimes you’ll want to strangle the bride, try to be calm, patient, and understanding. Be the voice of reason when she’s losing her head and bite your tongue to save yourself from an unwanted argument.

Don’t Take it Personally

Sometimes wedding planning brings out the worst in people; the bride may snap and bark orders sometimes, and it’s easy to get offended and wonder if you’ve done something wrong. Try not to get upset about it—it’s probably not your fault, and probably not you the bride’s mad at.

Have Fun

Kokoberi Bespoke Headpieces| Confetti.co.uk

Image courtesy of Kokoberi Bespoke Headpieces

Break up the wedding planning by organising something fun for you, the bride, and the other bridesmaids. This will be a day when no wedding planning is allowed. Even if it’s just a day out in the park, all friends together, it will give you time to relax.

Don’t Talk Behind Her Back

The worst thing to do is keep things bottled up. Anger, for example, will just give you a headache and could actually harm your health in the long-run. Have someone you can vent to when you need to. But try and do this with someone who’s uninvolved in the wedding planning; if you start chatting with other bridesmaids it could too easily spiral into back-biting.

Don’t Be Manipulated

Wedding Drinks | Confetti.co.uk

Featured above: Watercolour Floral Silky Kimono Robe On White

You have the bride’s best interests at heart, and you’re willing to do a lot to help her out even if it means sacrificing your own time. But you should be wary of any tricks or manipulations. It may be that your bride starts to take advantage of your kindness. You’re not a slave. Know when to draw the line, and learn to say no.

Be Honest

You can’t do everything. Sometimes the bride may ask too much of you. While there are times you should bite your tongue and keep your thoughts to yourself, you need to be honest about what you can and can’t do, and what you’re comfortable and uncomfortable with. Sometimes you may need to negotiate with her to find a happy medium, but sometimes you’ll need to stand your ground.

Get out of There

While sometimes wedding planning brings out the worst in people, your bride can cross the line. Sometimes it’s better for your sanity and happiness to just get out of a poison situation.


Alternative Wedding Breakfast Ideas

If you can’t bear the thought of serving your guests a prawn cocktail starter and then meat and two veg, followed by a late buffet of sarnies and sausage rolls then take heart. With a little imagination and the right venue you could have a wedding breakfast that’s memorable for all the right reasons.

Cavendish Events
Image courtesy of Cavendish Events

For me the best wedding breakfasts are those that make best use of their surroundings; fancy fish and chips in a seaside town, mini Cornish pasties in Cornwall or fresh seafood by the sea. Unusual feasts are also more interesting than the run of the mill chicken in white wine sauce, whether it’s an authentic Tudor banquet, a raw vegan meal or, at the other end of the scale, a whole hog roast.

Posh picnics

Posh picnics are a great summer idea if your venue has the grounds, though in this country it may be prudent to have a ‘plan b’ in case of rain. Think large sun umbrellas, colourful picnic blankets or bales of hay covered in soft sheepskins. A pretty array of picnic foods on tables adorned with gingham and lace tablecloths, all decorated with fresh flowers and fancy cupcakes on vintage cupcake stands would make this a picture perfect wedding breakfast.

Multi-cultural wedding feasts

For multi-cultural weddings a multi-cultural theme is not complete unless the food is authentic and you are true to your roots. An Indian wedding, even a British-Indian wedding would just not be right without some real Indian cuisine. If you’re marrying into a new culture then your wedding is the ideal event for your fiancé to show your friends and family the foods he/she grew up with and loves.

Vegetarian, vegan and organic

If you’re vegetarian, vegan, a raw or organic food devotee then plan a very special wedding breakfast along those lines. You may even get your guests trying new foods they’ve never sampled before which in itself would make your wedding memorable for them. There are plenty of lentil and bean delicacies that, teamed with the right vegetables or exotic salads, would have your carnivorous guests buying veggie cookbooks on their way home. You could impress your guests with wonderful and unusual offerings and tempt the tastebuds of those less adventurous.

Barbeque with style

A barbeque in the height of summer will always be a great hit with your guests and you can make it more interesting by providing a range of delicious salads, speciality breads and marinated fish as well as the usual barbeque fare. Fancy chutneys and home-made sauces alongside oven-baked jackets and spiced potato wedges will make it a barbeque fit for a wedding and not the usual Sunday afternoon of burnt chicken wings, bangers and buns! An attractive choice of sweet treats for dessert will finish off your wedding barbeque in style.


How to Tell Your Friend She’s Not Your Bridesmaid

It’s a big tradition (and a big deal!) for the bride to select her chosen ones to help her plan her wedding. But there’s no rule saying you have to have bridesmaids. So what if you decide you don’t need or want them? And what if you realise that after you’ve already chosen? Here’s how to tell your friend she’s not your bridesmaid.

How to Tell Your Friend She's Not Your Bridesmaid | Confetti.co.uk

Featured above: Watercolour Floral Silky Kimono Robe On Pink and White

1)    Miss Independent

Georgia by Stephanie Allin | Confetti.co.uk

Georgia Dress by Stephanie Allin

Good bridesmaids lend help and support throughout the wedding planning process, and they often stop the bride driving herself crazy with stress. But some brides don’t want or need the extra help. In this case, let your friends know—they may be expecting to be part of your bridal party.

“Come straight out with your decision,” said Sarah. “I knew a girl who plastered all over social media that she was going to be a bridesmaid…only to find out the bride didn’t want bridesmaids and hadn’t told her friends.”


2)    A Rock and a Hard Place

Will You Be My Bridesmaid? | Confetti.co.uk

Featured above: XOXO Sparkle Tag | Matte Gold Toggle Charm Bracelet With Gemstone Charm

Other brides find themselves with so many close friends that they have to turn someone down.

“My advice would be to think before you open your mouth,” said Yasmin. “And don’t rush into things in the joy of being engaged. Don’t feel you have to ask all your friends to be attendants—choose people who have a calm, reassuring presence and will help you through the day.”

But you don’t want to leave anybody out, do you? You don’t want to offend anybody, and you don’t want your friends to think you’re picking favourites.

“Deciding who to drop was agonising,” says Rachel. “In the end, I simply decided on the basis of height. I said I wanted the two friends who were of similar height to each other, and shorter than me, as bridesmaids. The others were disappointed, but that way it wasn’t such a personal rejection. They agreed that it was as good a way as any to choose.”

“I asked five special friends to be my ‘personal attendants’ for the day,” says Liz. “They each wore a big sunflower to mark them out and each gave a reading. That way, no one was offended or left out.”

3)    The Burden

Glamorous Bride | Confetti.co.uk

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Other brides find their bridesmaids becoming a bit too much of a burden to bear through the wedding planning—unfortunately, not every bridesmaid is a good bridesmaid.

“After the terrible rehearsal, we decided to lose the four youngest attendants,” said Lucy. “I dreaded having to break the news, but luckily their parents were very understanding—perhaps they were also having nightmares about their little darlings ruining the ceremony!”

“One of my old school friends became a real shrew during my wedding planning,” said Emily. “Slowly my wedding morphed more and more into her dream wedding. In the end I had to let her go.”

You need to be honest with everyone involved in your wedding planning; check out some ideas for phrases you can use.

4)    A Change of Mind

Bouquet Throw | Confetti.co.uk

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to tell your friends that you’ve changed your mind. But once you’ve realised you’ve made a mistake you should let them know as soon as possible. Leaving it to the last minute, or just avoiding the subject and hoping the situation will go away, will only make things worse. The best thing to do is be completely honest about your situation and trust that your friends will understand. Try and involve them in another way, as Rachel did.

“I felt so bad about dropping three bridesmaids that I gave each of them a role to play on the wedding day, so they all still felt a part of it. One gave a reading, another spoke after dinner, and I made sure the third caught my bouquet!”


Vegan Wedding Reception Food

Vegans don’t consume any animal products, and this is becoming an increasingly popular diet choice. A few years ago, it was a little unusual to see even a vegetarian wedding meal being served, let alone a vegan one, but today it’s not so remarkable and there are many wonderful choices to chew over. Take a look at Confetti.co.uk’s guide to vegan wedding reception food!

Vegan Wedding Reception Food | Confetti.co.uk

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

There’s a growing demand for vegan wedding caterers; some couples choose a vegan wedding menu to reflect their own tastes but, even if you’re not changing your diet yourself, it’s very likely nowadays that you’ll want to consider vegan options for some of your guests. If you want someone to attend your wedding, it’s important that you respect their diet choice. It’s only good manners!

Vegan Meals | Confetti.co.uk

All photos courtesy of Pinterest

Many people, it has to be said, can’t even conceive what a vegan diet comprises—what can you eat when you can’t have meat, fish, eggs, gelatine products, anything dairy, and maybe even honey (there’s a huge debate among vegans on whether honey is vegan or not!)? But contrary to popular opinion, vegans can and do enjoy a wide range of foods. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds, and beans are all still on the table and make some pretty impressive, tasty dishes—vegans are often more willing to experiment with what they have, so vegan meals tend to be pretty adventurous (mainly because they have to be!).

Vegan Desserts | Confetti.co.uk

All photos courtesy of Pinterest

Your wedding catering will by no means suffer if you choose a vegan menu—even deserts like ice cream and chocolate are still a possibility—and you can still have the wedding cake you always wanted. The trick is to find a caterer who offers you a varied, imaginative vegan menu, and that way there should be enough choice to tempt even the meat-eaters. For couples who would like their non-vegan guests to try a vegan dish without forcing it on them, it may be a good idea to offer cute vegan wedding favours!

Vegan Wedding Favours | Confetti.co.uk

Vegan Tikka Curried Cashews (left) make an ideal edible wedding favour for your guests. Gift them in Confetti.co.uk’s Sweet Bird Houses for vegan treats that your guests can take home! Vegan rosemary skillet potatoes (bottom right) are a great side dish option.

The greatest reward of all is when your guests (especially those who might never have tried a taste of the vegan diet) really enjoy vegan food; you’ll be thanked for catering to the tastes of your vegan and vegetarian guests, too!


5 bridesmaid shots you must recreate

5 Bridesmaid Shots You Must Recreate

You’ll want the perfect pics for your wedding photo album. But no wedding album is complete without some snaps of your beautiful bridesmaids. Here are 5 bridesmaid shots you must recreate!

Bridesmaid Shots To Recreate | Confetti.co.uk

Featured above: Bliss Striped Tote in Blue and White, Metallic Gold and White, and Pink and White | Sunglasses in Blue, Black, and Pink | Pocket Shoes


Bridesmaids Celebrate | Confetti.co.uk

Featured above: Watercolour Floral Silky Kimono Robe On White and Pink | Printed Classic Toasting Flute

Whether it’s making a toast or popping some confetti, photos of you and your bridesmaids celebrating will bring a smile to your face every time you flick through your album.


Wedding Party | Confetti.co.uk

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Bridesmaid Photos | Confetti.co.uk

Images courtesy of Pinterest

Photos of dresses, shoes, and accessories are interesting and quirky additions to your album.

Getting Ready

Bride and Bridesmaid Getting Ready

Image courtesy of Lisa & Ben’s Colourful Beach Real Wedding

Make sure you snap some photos of the morning of your big day—your last few hours of singledom. In such a whirlwind of nerves and the anticipation it will probably go by very quickly.


Bride and Bridesmaids Fun | Confetti.co.uk

Image courtesy of Lillibrooke Manor

Friends At the Beach | Confetti.co.uk

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Make sure you get some photos of you and your girls having fun. Whether it’s a simple get-together or the big hen night, capture those smiles!


Creative Bridesmaid Photos | Confetti.co.uk

Images courtesy of Pinterest

From something as simple as hand-held signs and a unique location to more elaborate poses, be creative with your photos and see your album stand out!


The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers

The Language Flowers | Confetti.co.uk

Browse Confetti.co.uk’s beautiful floral bohemian wedding theme in our shop!

Wedding flowers don’t just look beautiful—the flowers you choose have real meaning, too. In Victorian times, lovers sent each other flowers to convey different qualities and emotions. These associations were adopted for brides’ bouquets and some brides still use them today. See these meanings below and see if they’ll inspire you to choose your own wedding blooms!

Flower Meanings | Confetti.co.uk

Above, images courtesy of Pinterest. Clockwise from the top-left: Bluebells – Everlasting Love | Carnations – Fascination | Chrysanthemum – Truth | Daffodil – Regard

Flowers and Their Meanings | Confetti.co.uk

Above, images courtesy of Pinterest. Clockwise from the top-left: Daisy – Sharing/Innocence | Fern – Fascination | Flowering almond – Hope | Forget‐me‐not – Speaks for itself!

Popular Wedding Flowers |Confetti.co.uk

Above, images courtesy of Pinterest. Clockwise from the top-left: Heather (white) – Luck | Heliotrope – Devotion | Honeysuckle – Generosity | Ivy – Fidelity

Traditional Wedding Flowers | Confetti.co.uk

Above, images courtesy of Pinterest. Clockwise from the top-left: Iris – Admiration | Japonica – Loveliness | Lemon Blossom – Fidelity in Love | Lilac – Youthful Innocence

The Meanings of Flowers | Confetti.co.uk

Above, images courtesy of Pinterest. Clockwise from the top-left: Lily – Purity/Majesty | Lily‐of‐the‐Valley – Return of Happiness | Mimosa – Sensitivity | Myrtle – Love

Choosing Your Wedding Flowers | Confetti.co.uk

Above, images courtesy of Pinterest. Clockwise from the top-left: Orange Blossom – Purity | Peach Blossom – Captive | Rose (Red) – Passion |Rose (White) – Love and Beauty

Wedding Flower Meanings | Confetti.co.uk

Above, images courtesy of Pinterest. Clockwise from the top-left: Rose (Pale Pink) – Grace | Rosemary – Remembrance | Snowdrop – Hope | Stephanotis – Exotic Travel

Wedding Flowers | Confetti.co.uk

Above, images courtesy of Pinterest. Clockwise from the top-left: Sweet Pea – Pleasure | Tulip – Love | Veronica – Fidelity | Violet – Faithfulness


Ice Weddings

Winter weddings are stunning and very, very popular. They don’t half come with some great ideas too, from ice bars to hot chocolate wedding favours. So here are some of our favourite ideas for ice weddings. Ice, ice, baby!

The Goodwood Hotel

Image courtesy of Goodwood

When picking your wedding venue, make sure it’s available for the dates you want; not all venues are open through the winter months, especially leading up to Christmas. However, you don’t necessarily have to work around the seasons to get your perfect ice wedding venue—consider a wedding abroad in snowy Greenland, underneath the amazing Northern Lights. Or even a unique venue like the Ice Hotel!

The Ice Hotel | Confetti.co.uk

Image courtesy of The Ice Hotel

Get your guests in on the fun by renting an ice rink for the evening, or take your significant other out on a mini moon.

Ice Skating | Confetti.co.uk

Image courtesy of Pinterest

A classic ice wedding is everything white and silver with clear glass and bright candlelight. Shades of gold or blue are also beautiful, and traditional winter plants like holly, berries, lavender, and deep red roses.

Ice Wedding Reception | Confetti.co.uk

Featured above: Clear Vintage Inspired Glass Flutes and Goblets, and Jewel Footed Wooden Boxes With Aged White Finish

Add some WOW factor to your wedding decor with impressive ice sculptures and ice bars too.

Ice Sculptures | Confetti.co.uk

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Get creative with your drinks for your ice wedding. Cocktail glasses decorated with edible glitter or desiccated coconut, slushies for adults and the kids, and DIY ice shot glasses, are only some of the possibilities.

Winter Cocktail | Confetti.co.uk

Above, Mini Martini Glasses

Wedding Slushies | Confetti.co.uk

Images courtesy of Pinterest

Add even more fun to your wedding reception with an ice cream bar, and colourful ice cubes and ice lollies made with edible flower petals. Grab a recipe for your own rock candy and coconut ice, and powder cupcakes with frosting and glaze them with syrup. It’s a DIY bride’s dream!

Ice Wedding Catering | Confetti.co.uk

Images courtesy of Pinterest

Ice Cubes and Ice Lollies | Confetti.co.uk

Images courtesy of Pinterest

Finish off the perfect ice wedding with hot drinks and blankets for your guests throughout the reception. A hot chocolate and smores bar is the perfect pick-me-up, and a serving of some tasty cocoa and marshmallows makes a cute and inexpensive wedding favour.

Wedding Hot Chocolate | Confetti.co.uk

Above, left to right: Mini Mason Jar | Printed Mason Jar Mug

Winter Wedding Favours | Confetti.co.uk

Above, Mini Clear Glass Bottle with Monogram Simplicity Rectangular Tag